Orders of Knights

Knights of the Crimson Order:
A now mythical order that helped found the kingdom of (insert name). Originally a militant order that became protectors of the crown and kingdom. They were special amongst the Orders of Knights for requiring all of their recruits to be of the same bloodline. This shaped an order that was more clan than actual Knightly Organization. They were instrumental in the early years of the kingdom, but have now passed into legend and many wonder if perhaps they never existed. Others whisper of their return should dark times ever encroach upon their land.

Hedge Knights:
Not a an actual order as such, but rather these are knights that have no order or liege lord. They are vagabonds and wanderers sometimes mercenaries and often bandits. These individuals are as varied as the circumstances that brough them to their state in life. It is wise to be wary of these individuals. Their martial prowess is never in doubt, but their moral integrity often is.

Order of the Oak Leaf:
One of the most secretive orders that exist in the kingdom and one of the most contradictory. These individuals are solitary men who wander the wilderness and act as scouts and explorators for the kingdom. They form an integral part of the Kingdom’s Army and provide most of the recruits for the Kings Own Pathfinder’s.

Knights Hospitaller:
The kingdom of (insert name here) is home to many holy sites and and temples. The nation is devout and keen in their worship of the gods. Pilgrims are common and many come from far off lands. To combat any potential disrepute gained from these pilgrims coming to harm the king ordered the creation of the Knights Hospitaller. They were tasked with keeping the holy sites and providing refuge and safe passage for those who would visit them. They are renowned throughout the world for their courtly graces and their scholarship.

Orders of Knights

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